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[Top 15] Thop TV Alternative Apps [Thoptv Free TV & OTT Streaming in 2023]

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Thoptv app download latest version apk – free ott app

Alternative of thoptv app

Hello Dealsnloot Readers, Remember the days when ThopTV and OreoTV were the talk of the town? These apps provided users with a plethora of TV shows, movies, and live sports events, including the much-anticipated IPL matches. They became household names, especially during the IPL seasons. The demand for these apps skyrocketed, especially during the IPL seasons. Searches like “thoptv app download latest version apk 45.7 0 29.9 mb”, “thop tv- thoptv live cricket”, “thoptv ipl”, and “thoptv cricket” were trending. It seemed like everyone wanted a piece of the action without shelling out big bucks for premium OTT platforms.

we never support this kind of illegal streaming apps.

thop tv live cricket

The Downfall

However, as the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.” Last week, the cyber police took down the latest ThopTV Apk, shutting down all its servers permanently. A day later, OreoTV faced a similar fate. Why? They violated rules and policies, promoting illegal streaming. It’s essential to remember that while these platforms provided free content, they were not always doing it legally.

Best ThopTV and OreoTV Alternatives in 2023

Why Look for Alternatives?

With ThopTV and OreoTV out of the picture, many are left wondering where to turn for their streaming needs. But fear not! There are numerous legal and safe alternatives available.

15 Best ThopTV Alternatives

For those missing ThopTV, here’s a list of some of the best alternatives available in 2023:

  1. Momix TV: A fresh entrant with a vast collection of shows and movies.momix mod apk

Features Of Momix TV :

    • Online streaming Like ThopTV
    • Cinema – Hollywood/Bollywood
    • Browse by genre
    • Multilingual
    • Fast servers
    • Compatible with Chromecast
    • Built in media players
  1. IPTV: Offers a plethora of channels from around the world.github iptv

    Features Of Best ThopTV Alternative – IP TV

    • Supports M3U and XSPF playlists
    • Playing multicast streams with UDP proxy
    • Auto-play last channel option
    • Internal and external video players
    • Available for Android, Windows and Linux
  2. PikaShow: Tailored for Bollywood fans, it boasts a mix of movies and TV shows. pikashow mod apk

    Features Of Best ThopTV Alternative – Pikashow TV

  3. HD Streamz: Known for its high-quality streaming of popular channels. hd streamz live cricket tv

    Features Of Best ThopTV Alternative – HD Streamz

    • Request your favorite channel
    • A high-quality video playback system
    • Radio live streaming
    • Smart search option
    • Report Broken Links
    • High definition movies and TV shows
    • Video playback supported
  4. CyberFlix TV: A hub for the latest movies and series.cyberflix tv mod apk

    Features of CyberFlix TV :

    • Unlimited Streaming – One of CyberFlix TV APK’s biggest benefits is that it enables you to view an endless supply of movies and TV series for nothing.
    • Downloadable – Because of the Download option, CyberFlix TV download is a great idea as well.
    • Daily Updates – CyberFlix regularly updates its database with new films and television programmes available for streaming online.
    • 100 percent Safe and Free – Keep in mind that downloading CyberFlix APK is completely free, and neither downloading nor using this app requires payment.
    • Clean User Interface – CyberFlix stands out from the competition thanks to its exceptionally simple and clean user interface.
  5. RedBox TV: Features channels from various countries and genres.redbox tv apk

    Features Of Best ThopTV Alternative – RedBox TV

    • Available for iOS, Android, Fire Stick.
    • Long list of channels that can entertain all groups of ages, from kids to adults
    • High Quality Videos available in SD and HD types
    • Premium users can get access for more live streaming channels and Shows.
    • Streams videos without any lags
  6. Live NetTV: Offers live streaming of over 800 TV channels. live nettv

    Features Of Best ThopTV Alternative – Live NET TV

    • No Subscription Required
    • No Monthly Charge or One Time Charge
    • Daily New Channels and Working Streaming Links
    • Available for Many Devices
    • Supports External Video Players
  7. Tea TV: A platform for movies, series, and anime.tea tv mod apk

    Features Of Best ThopTV Alternative – Tea TV

    • Watch, stream and download free
    • Provides all Live Streaming Channels and Shows
    • Download Any Show and Watch Later Option
    • Watch Detailed Reviews and Trailers for Shows and Movies
    • Watch any Shows or Movies in 1080p
  8. Modbro TV: Specializes in live TV from various countries.

    Features Of Best ThopTV Alternative – Modbro TV

    • videos in different language and topics
    • Bookmark Video Option
    • Subtitles Category for many videos
    • streams worldwide on different topics in various languages
  9. GHD Sports TV: Best for sports enthusiasts.ghd sports

    Features Of Best ThopTV Alternative – GHD Sports TV

    • Watch Live Sports, Videos and Scores
    • Easy Navigation
    • Upcoming Events Today, Upcoming Tomorrow’s Events, Highlights Options
    • Alternative Links for Live Streaming
    • Limited Advertisements
  10. UkTVNow: Features channels from the UK, US, and Canada.uktvnow apk

    Features Of Best ThopTV Alternative – UkTVNow

    • No Sign Up / Create Account Option
    • Stream Live Channels Worldwide
    • Access to the TV programming
    • Live Shows / Movies Available
  11. Showbox: A popular choice for movies and TV series.showbox movies

    Features Of Best ThopTV Alternative – ShowBox

    • High Quality Video Settings Available
    • Auto Update of New Movies and Shows
    • Save Favorites Movie Offline
    • Big Database of Old Movies
    • Real Time Ratings
  12. AOS TV: Offers content from countries like USA, Canada, India, and more. aos tv apk

    Features Of Best ThopTV Alternative – AOS TV

    • More then 1000 Live Streaming Channels Running
    • Supports all countries including US, UK and Canada
    • Sports, Religion, News, Movies, Entertainments Categories
    • Best to watch Live Cricket and Shows
    • Supports all Android Devices
  13. PocketTV: A compact solution for your streaming needs. pocket tv

    Features Of Best ThopTV Alternative – Pocket TV

    • No Registration Needed
    • Steam T20 World Cup Live Free
    • LIVE TV Channels with Quality Picture
    • Subtitles Enabled
    • Optimized Data Server
  14. Hunk TV: Features the latest movies and series.

hunk tv apk

Features Of Hunk Tv :-

  • Hunk Tv Is Free To Watch Movies, Web Series, and Live Tv.
  • No Lack And Buffering
  • Fast Streaming without Ads.
  • Both Online and Offline Modes are Available.
  • More Than 200 Tv Channels
  • You Can Make Your Own Playlists
  • Video Quality Is High
  • User-Friendly Interference.
  • Many Categories Like Entertainment, Sports, New, Education, and Many More.
  • Update Frequently
  • Safe and Secure To Use
  • No Limits To Watch

The Importance of Legal Streaming

Risks of Illegal Streaming

While apps like ThopTV and OreoTV might have been free, they came with risks. Illegal streaming can expose users to malware, data theft, and even legal consequences. Plus, they deprive content creators of their rightful earnings.

Benefits of Legal Alternatives

Legal streaming platforms ensure a safe viewing experience, free from malware and other threats. They also support content creators, ensuring that they get compensated for their hard work.


So, this are the current top 15 Best ThopTV alternatives app in Android & Smart TV. Try each and every app until you find you favorite show in it. We will keep adding newly launched streaming apps in this article. While the shutdown of ThopTV and OreoTV might have disappointed many, it’s a reminder of the importance of legal streaming. With numerous alternatives available, viewers can still enjoy their favorite shows and movies without compromising on safety or quality. The digital age offers a plethora of streaming options. While ThopTV’s exit was a blow to many, the alternatives ensure that viewers are never short of quality content. Always prioritize legal and safe platforms for the best experience.


  1. Why were ThopTV and OreoTV taken down?
    • They were promoting illegal streaming and violated various rules and policies.
  2. Are the alternatives listed above legal?
    • Yes, the mentioned alternatives are legal and safe for streaming.
  3. Do legal streaming platforms charge a fee?
    • Some might charge a subscription fee, while others might offer free content with ads.
  4. Is it safe to use illegal streaming apps?
    • No, they can expose users to malware, data theft, and even legal consequences.
  5. How can I support content creators?
    • By using legal streaming platforms and purchasing content, you ensure creators are compensated for their work.
  6. How can I ensure a platform is legal?
    • Check for licenses, reviews, and always read the terms and conditions.

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Best 15 Free Live TV & OTT Streaming in 2023

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